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Berry is one big "find" this season. Graham and Collier also have added surprising value. Posted by: stancane | November 21, 2009 at 03:23 PM He isn't a "find". He's been here all along but never got the opportunity to play. If James doesn't get hurt he never see's the field but on Special Teams. When you dont practice hard, you dont play in RS book. When will he learn some kids are practice and workout warriors but dont perform the same during the games. You have other kids that are average in practice, however, once the lights come on, they shine.
We win the unc game with those two playing! They are the two best young gungs on the defense! Posted by: In Randy We Trust | November 18, 2009 at 01:39 PM Why do you say that? J12 gave up 14 points by himself. And another pick resulted in 3 pts. How would they have effected the game any different?
Unlike most of you guys, I didn't expect an undefeated season. I hoped for 9-3. Is this a late season collaspe? NO, and here is my reason why. The schedule. The past yrs after a loss like this we would be going on the road to either a NCst or BC. We have Duke, which sould be a win and a very tough game @ USF which is very winnable. Folks calm down, we are not there yet. Until we get better play from the O-line, run the ball consistently and above average special teams we will continue to hover around 8-4 or 9-3. One last thing, as much as I hate to say this. The Gators are the best team in the country and unless some team gets lucky they will repeat. Alabama will get trounced by them. There is no way Charlie Strong allows that young QB to beat their Defense.
Guess where the other 14 pts came from JH interceptions. Posted by: CaneFan2001 | November 14, 2009 at 07:23 PM He actually gave UNC 17 points. One of the picks resulted in a FG. I am not a big Shannon supporter but whoever thinks its his fault they lost this game is sadly mistaken. Defense gave up 16 points,Harris gave up 17.
Fire Shannon? huh, are u guys serious? This loss is on JHarris 4 picks with 3 of them going for 17 points. Thats who lost this Fkn game. Not to mention this offensive line is terribly bad, especially Pipho. When they review this game, Whipple needs to ask Harris why he kept going for the long ball when he could have taken what the defense gave him. Griese made a good point, when he said,"he doesn't have to go for the big play downfield every pass play".
One more thing, I hope I'm wrong but this team could easily lose 3 more games, including losing the bowl game. Inconsistent O-line play, no pass rush, QB not taking care of the ball, penalties and bad special teams. Sound familiar? Its because thats the same formula that lead to the late season colaspe the past few seasons.
Monday morning Manny from the Herald typed the most stupid thing I've read in 2009. He actually said what Spiller did "wasn't all that", "Oh he beat an injured Spence for TD", "UM took bad angles during his KO return". Hey Manny any skill player rack up over 300yds of total offense on any team is incredible....What a joke
Shandel, my question to you and these reporters is why is Jacory getting a free pass from the press? He averages about a turnover or two game. When will RS realize to put the best players on the field? Why is Aldrious Johnson Starting? He hasn't made a play all year. NONE! All during the spring we heard "the WR rotation will be just 4 guys". The 4 I've seen make plays is Byrd, Collier, Benjamin and Hankerson.
And why isn't anyone calling out Jacory. Again he throws picks at the worst time of the game. You can do that vs FAMU but good teams will beat u with those mistakes. I dont want to hear about tip balls, he committed 3 T/O. Even on his last throw into the endzone it could have been picked.
Sean Spence knew he was freakin hurt but tried to "play through the pain" and it cost us 6. The game plan was conservative but what do expect Whipple to do? The past two weeks this O-line has given up over 10 sacks. He tried to establish the run(which I liked) to set up the pass. However, when J12 dropped back to pass, Clemson D-line was breathing on his neck.
You just cant win with that many penalties, turnovers and bad special teams. You just cant. Football at this level is hard but to make it even harder on yourself with those three areas of the game spells a big L. Im sticking with my prediction from the start of the season of 9-3.
Does anyone know what is going on with Lil Brother(F$U). I cant stand them but I also dont like to see our lil Bro(F$U) keep losing to teams they should beat.
If Ray Ray and VT are not the starters for the remainder of the season, I will have a huge problem with that. For this kid to have this kind of impact in his 1st start, is nothning short of amazing. I just hope he has good work ethic to go along with that motor of his. The sky is the limit for this kid
Lets enjoy and savor this moment. I hope that Shields doesnt cost this team a loss in a tight game. I wouldn't want that for him.
who left on the schedule scares you? Posted by: canethang | October 03, 2009 at 10:40 PM WF, NC and USF
FAKEE FANSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS STAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY AWWWWWAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY Posted by: UMCANES | October 03, 2009 at 10:36 PM We got a little room on the back of the bandwagon. We'll let them on but they better acknowledge, If they were the ones screaming for RS job, thought "we sucked", "we have no talent", "we are the worst team in america"..come now dont be ashamed we'll let you on the bus. First admit you were wrong.....
If any of you read my previous post, Ive been saying IMO the measuring stick for this program was OU....3yrs ago they smashed us. Winning this game says alot about how far we have come in 3 seasons......WOW
What a freakn game. A freakn emotional roll a coaster. From the start I was frustated. To seeing them take the lead. Getting pissed off on the Bullshyt call on Joe Joseph. To the Climax of the ending....WOW....
3-1 lets get it, ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HA HA!! Young Jeezy voice
max protect with a slant and go...this game is over.
We need this first down
Wow, I'll admit I'm a big JJ critic but he has played a hell of a game
Im going to guess they called T-O on the FG because they were expectn a fake