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Doctor called, said my son has to have surgery, bankart repair. Said He has anterior & interior instability, basically they gotta go in there and tighten up His labrum...followed by 3-6 months rehab.
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IDK, but I think Bama might lose 2 games this year...and I don't even see USC making the POs.
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LMAO! GoldenHomer done gave Lurker Shakin' Leg Syndrome. GET EM'! Homer! LMAO!
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Losing Crawford at CB sucks. Watching that UM-FSU replay, that kid balled out...should've played more IMO.
Was watching the ESPN doc God Gosh O' Mighty, that must've been a helluva game to go to or watch on TB. Texas HSFB is CRAZY!
Ohio_Cane...I really like Norton, that kid saved the class 2015 class IMO.
TD...probably Perry...He's athletic, and He EE'd.
^^^^^^^^^^ JJ!
Which one out of Bennie Blades or Bubba McDowell, played with Jerome Brown (RIP)? Whomever it was, that wasn't a bad front/back combo also...
Who was it that RL52 replaced?...I remember it was an FSU game...
James Lewis & Reed was a good Safety tandem also. Lewis was a pretty fast dude.
To compare RL & Morgan...I'd say RL was more athletic, the better blitzer...and Morgan had a better nose for the ball, more instinctive.
Vilma had Reed AND ST26 behind em'...He played with both of em'.
TD...IDK, but I thought Morgan was the better LB outta the 2. And maybe it's just me, but if you watched RL play at UM, you probably wouldn't have thought He would've had the generational impact He had in Baltimore.
TD...oh yeah, JV was a beast, same with Morgan & Webster.
TD...I think Spence played MLB DP's Fr. year, and Gaines played MLB DP's So. & Jr. years. And IMO, Gaines wasn't a bad least the cerebral part of it.
IMO...while I liked DP's physical presence at MLB, He wasn't a really good "signal caller" from what I saw. Me personally, from the little I saw of Grace at MLB (Duke & FSU that I can think of), He looked more natural there.
Go Canes...absolutely we want the same thing.
Go Canes...gotcha. BLOG ON!
Then by the logic used by some we shouldn't accept his offer. It could affect other WR commits. Posted by: Go Canes | July 27, 2015 at 02:50 PM And I'm "trolling for conflict".
There was some Bama "smoke" on CIS, but here's Shaq's Dad's response: "Bama started really flirting with Shaq back in May... They invited him out (still scheduling), and he talked with Saban this summer. I'm not a huge Bama fan but I have to admit I even got excited when Shaq was talking with him. Bama-Saban they are near the very top of the college football totem pole so if you are not flattered when they ring, your detached from the game. I have had my share of surprises during Shaq's recruitment, but I would be extremely surprised to see him anywhere other than Miami, but this is his decision... this will effect the rest of his life not mine so I can't do nothing more than give my best advise. Early in his recruitment they had that bug in his ear that he is an SEC Linebacker... everywhere we went... He and I are Cane Fans but this is a life decision to be made with our heads not heart... But once he go down there with Darrion and started assimilating with the other team members... Miami became home... His high school girlfriend moved over the summer...about 10 miles from the University of Miami campus... I see that as a sign... his stars aligning. Flattered by Bama... Yes Flattered by talking with Saban... Yes Flipping from Miami... I would be shocked...."
Ohio_Cane...all I'll say is it's still a loooooong way, to a looooooong season, to a loooooong run up to NSD.
Epi...3-17 when losing at the half, Big O nailed it. But let's move forward...LMAO!
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One thing that gives me concern with D'Onofrio, is He seems to have a short fuse. That might be a good trait to have as a position coach, but maybe not so much as a DC.
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