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Let the weasel go! What we need to realize is that they don't make Don Shulas' any more; they don't make Chuck Knolls, ETC... The days of a coach sticking around like the old school coaches are over. This is now the norm; we will be exchanging coaches at a much quicker pace. Let his azz go! Just please remind any bama fans that they might give Nick a heads up 2 month prior to the 1st game, so that he has his team ready to play, otherwise they will start 0-6 0-5 just like he did here, good riddance
I'm as big a Canes fan as the next guy but before this team goes anywhere, Randy Shannon has to get himself a pro style offensive coordinator. Last nights game will hopefully be the last time I see my canes running a shotgun offense 90 % of the time. I'm 41 and I've been watching the canes since I was 15-16 yrs old. There was no cable, internet ETC... HA HA, you had no choice but to watch them. I've seen some pretty bad Canes football. This team is not horrible, but I don't know if Shannon has the clout to bring in the type of Offensive coordinator we need. I really hope he can get them back to where they were, but I will have my doubts especially if all he does is hire his old buddies to try and coach them back to the top, I believe that will be his down fall if he goes that route. Randy, get some proven coaches and best of luck to you buddy. Go Canes!
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