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Which is your favorite or preferred cough drops? Original Ricolas. I used to get the most horrendous barking coughs and they'd be the only thing that would cut it. Finally my doctor put me on fluticasone spray and Xertek: end of problem. Except I still get a cold every year or two including now. The night before last I was up most of the night with a persistent cough. Then last night I remembered I had some old Ricolas; took one and slept like a baby.
Is there a more disappointing program related to expectations than Jim Harbaugh's at Michigan? Surprisingly good performance by the Hoos against The U today.
The Hoos came to play today at Miami today 28-28.
On topic: Roger Goodell has never worked outside of the NFL. Leaving aside what a blinkered view of the world that produces, he has been rewarded abundantly for making bad decisions. That isn't so much a subjective view as it is one based on him constantly reversing himself after receiving poor publicity such as the Ray Rice case. The current gaggle of owners have created this situation by hiring him and rewarding him copiously. In addition they've undermined the integrity of the game. Jerry Jones is one of the few that sees this clearly.
That website on the Restraining Order has a lot of inaccuracies, including who his wife is; the one listed is his first wife who took a restraining order out on him. The current fatassed bigmouthed shrew has been hitched to him since 2004. Also he briefly worked as a teacher before diving in the political cesspool. I hate the hoarse voiced goof with the heat of a supernova so I don't appreciate or trust sites that get things wrong.
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joan, you should check out the ONT (over night thread) @ AoS where rich went to vent.
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“Mexico must do its share, because the day when America could be the welfare system for Mexico is gone. We simply can’t afford it… Mexico will always be a client state of the US no matter what the La Raza deadbeats say.
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It occurs to me that this elephant thing might have been pushed up by an anti-Trump person in Interior. The goal would have been to make him sign it based on the "science" presented, in order to make him look heartless. The MFM propagandists colluded on that quickly since I woke up to my wife bitching about it like a brainless tool.
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Two mentions of Stalin on the same page and he wasn't the thread topic must be some kind of JOM record.
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Disney has made at least 3 generations think that deer chat with each other in the forest and are just like people. They also did the big lie on lemmings, which I can't for the life of me figure out why they did except "hey, let's make this cute but boring animal really interesting to viewers". It's really sick when you think of it, and has jaundiced my view of Disney going back to ol' Walt himself, because acting like he didn't know what was going on is like excusing Stalin for what his underlings did (a stretched simile perhaps).
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Shouldn't this goof be doing "Guitarzan" covers?
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Welp this race is already shaping up to be more hilarious than anything Katshit was in. Betty was the Congressthing who replaced the Restraining Order when he went to the Senate and then was redistricted and lost to Jim Renacci: Stephen - You may have already seen Justice Bill O’Neill’s comments regarding sexual harassment and assault in government—but if you haven’t, let me be the first to show you: This is disturbing, especially coming from a public official. As an attorney I'm appalled at these remarks of a Supreme Court Justice, as a democrat I'm horrified a statewide candidate would belittle victims of sexual harassment and assault this way and as a woman I'm outraged he would equate sexual assault with indiscretion. It’s wrong to trivialize this. He should resign immediately. In the wake of the many recent reports of sexual assault and resignations, I announced a plan to fight and prevent sexual harassment and assault in state government and the workplace. The very next day Justice O’Neill bragged about his personal relationships, belittling this important conversation and those who are survivors of sexual assault and harassment. Ohio needs leadership that takes sexual harassment and assault seriously, and as Governor, I’ll do everything I can to make sure survivors are taken seriously and perpetrators are given real consequences. Add your name below to sign on to my plan and pledge to help me fight sexual assault and harassment: Thank you, Betty Sutton
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I feel like I should tell Appalled something but I can't figure out what.
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I know you'll all be shocked at who's paying attention to Bill O'Neill:
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Oh, I forgot to mention that if he included Peter Lewis's assistant as one of his bang toys that he was probably from around here.
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Here's O'Neill's Supreme Court bio: Before that tweet I knew nothing about him. He's probably a decent guy who doesn't understand how to use Twitter in a way that doesn't make him seem nutty and I doubt that he'll get more than a handful of potheads to vote for him.
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Gene Simmons is usually smarter than that.
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McClintock explains: It's a good explanation and I'm sure as hell no cheerleader of tossing any halfassed bill out there to pretend that Congress did nothing but squander a perfect opportunity to live up to the promises of a year ago.
Miss Marple, there was a lot of wildass shit on the Internet when the Jerry Sandusky story came out, about how this was just the tip of the iceberg and his organization was procuring kids for people in high places and then nothing. I'm not saying that it wasn't a huge crock put out there by idiots to get attention but the MFM has done a more piss poor job than usual of acting like retarded monkeys in not debunking any of it.
The Daily Mail kills iPad browsers with the tabloid trash links.
This is a good article on what a lowlife Cordray is and gives a few shots at the Restraining Order, too: Ohioans periodically lose their minds and vote in a lowlife like Dick Celeste, usually after a GOP goof like Taft or Katshit piss off the majority of voters. I hope Renacci or whoever gets the GOP nod is up to the Herculean task.
Are the scumball progs now pretending to care about Bill Clinton's victims going to offer up crocodile tears for their character assassination on behalf of the Clintons of Linda Tripp now too? Hell no. The hated her like they do all whistleblowers who aren't ideologically aligned with them like that ambulatory crablice colony, Erin Brockovitch. Nobody suffered any penalties for leaking Tripp's personnel file, which I believe is a felony, so all these whiners who want more gun control laws can go fuck themselves.
Ol' Yeller tears apart Bret Stephens for his slimy attack on Steve Bannon as being "bad for Jews" and in doing so says DJT has been more supportive of Israel than GWB or GHWB.
Meathead, despite being an obvious idiot , has made some good movies like Stand By Me. Ol' Yeller is calling the House tax bill a disaster on the personal income tax level.
There's only one party dumb enough to listen to Hewitt. Btw is anything being done in that Las Vegas investigation?