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Thanks Henry, It never occurred to me that I'd get commenting priveledges without going through the registration process so I clicked on the 'register' option by default and its only option appears to be the 'fconnect'. Lurnin is gud!
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It doesn't look like it. There is one and only one option. You can confirm this quickly by going to Typepad...logging out and then trying to 'register'. Give it a go...tell me I'm nuts (cause I really really want to be wrong). HM p.s. This is one of the most perverse ways of IRCing I've ever run into! ;)
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Hey Wil, I'm sorry to beat the deceased equine but it looks to me like Typepad is (as I suggested) intertwined with Facebook now. I went back through the initial process just to see if I was delirious but got the same result. If you choose 'register' your (or in this case 'my') only option is to select the 'f connect' button on the registration page which makes it pretty obvious they (essentially) insist that you register 'via' your facebook account. When signed in to 'Typepad' (after registration) one's dashboard is very obviously connected to Facebook (so we can all share this big squishy exciting adventure together dontchaknow!). Just an FYI. I will now cease and desist on this vein. Did I mention that tabletop is pretty damned awesome? And I quote 'Bless Wil Wheaton's little heart' sayeth the captain track pants (for reals) who runs my local game store. A few weeks into your show and they were stocking 'Smallworld' and 'Zombie Dice' and 'Ticket to Ride' because the people they were a askin. I'm still waiting on him to order me Tsuro. I can confirm that you are helping to drive the geek economy.
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Heya. Even though I opted to try to set up a 'Typepad' account so that I could do more than lurk it essentially pointed me at Facebook in order to register. Truth be told I'm not the biggest fan of the tendrilly goodness of stuff like Facebook and hoped that 'typepad' would have had a more specific registration that was outside of the 'let's try to advertise to this person' continuum. Or am I being naive to think such places still exist? In plainer English. It appeared that none of the options I had to register to speak on your blog weren't connected to some form of social enginee-I mean networking. Or was I blind and missed a Typepad option that wasn't somehow welded to Facebook? Not a biggie really. Just I long for the days when people could play in their sandboxes without corporate douchery hovering at every corner.
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The truth of the matter is that the types of people moaning about rules transgressions on your program are in dire need of a serious Munson-ing. If they cannot grasp the notion that you are trying to get people to see the joy in gaming they really should be using teh Google with a eye to the words 'a life'. No doubt the same crowd complaining about how Arkham Horror and Defenders of the Realm are 'too easy'. Anyhow...excellent idea for a show Wil...many thanks from one representative of the vast sea of Dorks out here. HM p.s. Any chance we could sign up not using this craptastic 'Social networking' methodology?
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Jun 30, 2012