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FLPD, Armando might be saying that now but he's questioned a number of moves this offseason starting with the release (instead of trade) of Zach and most recently the handling of Taylor. I read Armando's blog daily, he questions the Dolphins moves almost daily (including non-player moves like not being allowed to blog at the mini-camp). So he's questioned a lot of moves. Frankly, that is pretty much his job and this blog would be redundant of Cote's boring blogs if he just put out the facts with some lame polls all the time. So my point wasn't really to knock Armando but to debate him on how he reviews these player moves by the Dolphins. Hope that clears up my point or helps make it.
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Aramando, I think your kind of stuck in the mode of questioning every move this regime makes based off of how poorly (putting things ever so mildly) the decision making of the past regimes was. Booker was a nice looking prospect when he managed to get on the field last season. But, he's extremely undersized and a total "hit or miss" player, as in he either gets hit and loses 5 yards or they miss him and he gains 20 yards or more. But he will never get hit and gain 5 yards (ala Ricky, Ronnie and hopefully the 2 new big backs drafted). So he's essentially a Warrick Dunn clone without as much speed and "pedigree" as Dunn and frankly I would have never wanted Warrick Dunn as one of my feature backs as he is also "hit or miss". Bill Parcells and his lackey's are REBUILDING this team into a design that is specific, planned out and designed to last a long time (see the Giants, Patriots, Jets, Cowboys before and after the Tuna left the building). So you're not going to start that process in Year 1 by keeping a bunch of guys who don't fit the design just because they are NFL level talents alone. For the record, I saw Dave Meggett play and Dave Meggett, no matter how tall he was or wasn't, was no "hit or miss" player, he would go through you as quckly as he would try and go around you. Booker is no Dave Megget, Warrick Dunn maybe but probably not even that kind of talent. As far as Faneca goes, I think the Dolphins have found better long term solutions and at a better price that the price he would have come for. One aging Steeler (Porter) is plenty on this new look Dolphins team.
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I really don't see what the big deal about this Taylor story is, he doesn't want to play for the Dolphins any more. So? Don't, bye. Parcells will handle it accordingly, it's what they brought him in for, if Taylor is going to be a loose cannon and not do things the "Tuna way" then the Tuna will handle it. It boggles my mind that Armando would start second guessing this new regime this quickly over an about to retire anyway Jason Taylor. The dude is in his 30's for christ sake, we we're 1-15 last year! What exactly is Taylor going to do for this team expect undermine the rebuilding effort by bitching about wanting to "win". Ask Cam Cemeron about Taylor's loyalty to the cause. Football is the coldest sport their is when it comes to letting players go, ask Dan Marino. Goodbye Taylor I hope we get a draft pick for you but either way see ya!
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Beck starting is kind of a no brainer, why in god's green earth would a journey man like McCown get the first shot at starting? In order to give the veterans like Jason Taylor a shot at winning now? LOL. Beck starts the preseason if he moves the ball at all and keeps the INT.'s to a minimum he starts the opener, rinse, wash, repeat until he either earns the job full-time with some quality play (which I happen to think he will, he's very accurate and has a strong enough arm) or he plays his way to the bench and McCown or Henne get the next crack at it. This is just logical and the new Dolphin management is clearly operating from logic (thank god!). As for Taylor, he's always seemed like a "paper tiger" to me, a real talent to be sure but not a "hall of famer" by any means (try making a tackle against the run occasionally and try making your teamates better). Getting some value for him would be nice but doubtful at this point. Expect him to eventually sign with: the Chargers, the Jets/Giants, 49ers, Raiders, or possibly the Patriots (if he's really serious about winning, which I doubt). In other words as close to the entertainment industry as he can get. Losing the passion of Zach Thomas will in time be seen as the bigger loss but the transition that the Tuna is making is happening so fast and will be so thorough and relatively successful that "losing" anyone from last years team will become pretty insignificant quickly. Good to see you actually putting some content in your blogs lately Cote, keep it up!