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Cardinal Richelieu
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This isn't good. Crawford is the ultimate "loot-at-me" ref. He becomes part of the game. It shouldn't affect the result of the game but he will definitely be the focal point. Norris will definitely need to spell Chalmers who is almost guaranteed to be in foul trouble. I see problems for Birdman and Udonis also.
Do you honestly believe that if Charlie Crist would be the sitting freshman Republican Senator that he would have "evolved." Of course not, this is blatant political opportunism. There is no greater hypocrite on these issues than Charlie Crist.
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I love how the Marlins made it sound like Escobar isn't good enough for them because he didn't do their bidding. Get a clue Beinfest you just did him a favor. Escobar is a genius - Nolasco and Stanton haven't figured out how to get traded yet.
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what does UM get from playing FIU...nothing. Why bother?
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Burgess says that the facility was built for the "community" and not the "owners" so why did he agree to a deal in which the "owners" essentially get to keep all the money - even for non-baseball revenue? Leaked documents weren't necessary to figure out that Marlins were making money. Revenue sharing money exceeded our payroll - it doesn't take a genius to figure out that they were in the black. I supported Mr. Burgess. I thought that he brought much need stability and professionalism to the County. I felt terrible at the way he was treated by Commissioners. I now recognize that I was wrong. Either he was incompetent or corrupt and his statements here lead me to believe that it is the latter. I am saddened that he would taint his career with this affair.
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Dec 1, 2012