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This is a very interesting post and i agree that EA is more than an IT competency. I believe that it is an organisational competency and that is something that EA practitioners need to support and develop as part of any Business Architecture effort. The challenge that Business Architecture Programmes have is staying focused on what the business in trying to achieve and offering real value. It is similar to trying to do good project management without people knowing what methodology you are following, you are simply delivering what people articulate, appreciate and want. I read a lot about how people are trying to make Business Architecture work, but there seems to be a lot of focus on ensuring they stay true to the method as opposed to working iteratively and building trust and respect outside of IT with the key stakeholders EA's who can deliver EA without forcing the methodology onto others will gain more traction within the business, providing they link all of the components together to archive the desired future state.
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Jan 11, 2010