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Mar 15, 2010
I published and copyrighted the Paradoxical Commandments in 1968. Over the years, as the commandments have spread around the world, some people have shared the commandments so often that others have assumed that they were the author. People who shared the commandments, and to whom authorship has been attributed, include Mother Teresa, a wrestling coach in Ohio, the former prime minister of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, and the Executive Director of the Hemophilia Society of Canada. I have only recently heard of the commandments being attributed to Om Vashishth. I assume that he or she has been sharing the commandments and that is why they have shown up on a website under his or her name. While it feels awkward to see the Paradoxical Commandments attributed to others, I am genuinely delighted that the commandments continue to travel around the world. I consider anyone who shares the commandments to be a friend and a kindred spirit. Kent
Toggle Commented Sep 8, 2006 on The Paradoxical Commandments at Paradoxical People
My thanks to Gail, Ralph, and Dorothy for their comments on the "final analysis" lines. I am encouraged by your interpretations! I appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts. Keep living the Paradoxical Life! Kent