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one of the power point people at city centre baptist church
Interests: Christianity, trinitarianism, universalism, theology, people, prayer, postmodernism, books, cats, philosophy
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Mar 15, 2010
The call to convert is always in the "here and now". If a person refuses, that does not mean, he has lost his chance. The call still comes to him daily or even every moment and it is the call to convert "here and now". People who convert later in life usually regret not converting sooner. They often wished they had known sooner. It's all about escaping the kingdom of darkness and entering God's kingdom. It is NEVER "nope, now or never" with Jesus. In fact, His call for repentance comes to the saved with equal frequency and fervor.
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The Psalmist said that God is everywhere including the grave and sheol. While some writers have posited that hell is God removing His presence from a space to graciously let His rebellious children live and let live, other writers (and I agree with this group) believe hell is hell BECAUSE God is there. God's presence is experienced as holylovingkindness by some and as wrath by others.
Toggle Commented Jun 1, 2009 on Have I read the Great Divorce? at Caroline's Blog
But what of those who have not rejected God in this life: - the ones who are below the age of accountability (i.e. babies and toddlers) - the ones who can not understand mentally - the ones who were presented with a False God and had rejected that one - the ones who have never heard Since life is unfair and no one starts off on the same footing, does not giving everyone an equal chance means there must be a chance after death? It's not silly. It's taking a clear eyed view on justice.
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