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Carolyn Addison
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Carolyn Addison added a favorite at WWdN: In Exile
Jan 30, 2011
I remember, like many other commenters here, just how much my local library meant to me as a safe haven and learning environment. Although I didn't have a favourite librarian who helped me find a direction; I remember the physical sense of walking into the main section, the light coming through the skylights, the sound of rain on the roof on a wet day. The smell of the books and those particular kind of felted floor tiles. All that lives in my memory. That library gave me the chance to go from Ursula Le Guin to Gore Vidal to Philip K. Dick to William Goldsmith and more. Sadly, seventeen years ago, I think the ladies who worked there were more worried about whether there would be a library next year and where they'd be redeployed - if they could hold onto their jobs. They were all polite and very efficient at what they did, which is a sadly underestimated skill in many areas. I can only imagine what it is like now. I understand, truly, why libraries in many countries are under threat. I dislike being the Devil's Advocate but I know why politicians will sacrifice libraries when they have people coming at them why their loved ones can't have hospital or respite care, decent housing, or public transport, or whatever subjective, important and personal thing that can be thrown at those officials. Libraries are targets. And that is a terribly sad thing because whilst money is tight it paves the way for doing away with the facility of a centred public learning environment. Unless you have the income to buy it. It says something about a culture if learning for all becomes 'learning if you have enough money to pay for it'. Thank you to all the librarians/information managers or whatever your title is, where you have been part of the opportunity of learning for all.
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Jan 30, 2011