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If you are concerned about being given treatment's you are against then there is another good case for a living will. We think of this for becoming physically ill but why not have one drawn up when you are well and lucid and able to make sound decisions. It you are against a treatment on principal and make an informed decision in writing. This is not a guarantee in cases such as organ donation ( your family can refuse even if you sign the card). Make sure you have assigned a SDM you trust to ensure your wishes are followed.
There are risks to all procedures and treatments and I know for a fact that University Health Network has an informed consent policy. Every time you take a new medication, eat a new food, walk across the street you could be taking your life in your hands. We make informed decisions all the time to better our lives. One of your 'experts' states that there is a "very real risks of permanent memory loss and brain damage from ECT". I would say tha the memory loss and brain damage from dying of suicide is a little more serious. We have to make choices and some of them are not great but they are better than the alternative. We do not have to inflict care on people, we can provide care, and give people who are capable of making safe decisions the opportunity to better their lives. And if the memory loss and brain damage from ECT is so bad how can these damaged people possibly express this? Who is speaking for them and what are they compairing it too? I have known people to have ECT and if I needed it I would do it. The memory loss experienced from depression and from the treatment of meds etc is an issue I am willing to deal with if I have a better quality of life.
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Jan 18, 2010