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Hi Sue, thank you for your kind words, really enjoyed being there... much more fun that equivalent IT Director's Forum ;-)
Yes, broadly agree with the thinking here. certainly that integration for social companies is ultimately inevitable, and of the need for a coherent strategy & a roadmap that is umblically linked to an organisations' broader long term business objectives. A parallel pathway we would add here (our experience is of social strategy implementation in large B2B's primarily) is the need to develop a framework that enables the managed participation in social networks on behalf of the organisation by its' employees. This "locally fed" dimension (in a social strategy that is globally led / top down) enables organisations to become more agile, better connect the people who sell / deliver a service to the people who buy / use that service, and ultimately helps build organisational visibility and credibility. Though "handing over the mic" is the hardest part for organisations, this is where the power of social networks really resonates.
For me the best recruitment video ever (probably because it's an (un)recruitmet video will always be this - oft copied, never bettered...
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Great post Andy (la Robinson pointed it out to me) - the more brands that are listening - and engaging - the better
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Some really solid points here Richard on buidling / managing community - plus there has *got* to be some value add. Without that, you can build it, like Mr Costner in The Field of Dreams, but they won't come..
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Dec 8, 2009