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Nope. No video for me, either.
AHAHAH! I saw this too. Kidding aside, I was super impressed with hsi ability to distribute out of the back. THe way our defense handled the ball and actually created the attack, in my mind, is the biggest difference between this game and the Argentina game. And I didn't mention the gulf in quality of Paraguay when compared with Argentina as the main difference, because both teams pressured our backs roughly the same.
While I don't appreciate the words used, I certainly echo the sentiment. Just a simple touch will do - why so much power LD???
Definitely. That was one of our biggest problems against Argentina. This is heads and tails better.
Loving Chandler right now. He can control the ball, make runs, can cross, and has great pace. What more do you want from your RB?!
Edu needs to show more tenacity in the center of mid / d. He is too soft.
so weak from our defenders. you HAVE to be STRONG in the box
lovely turn from Agudelo. This guy has some skills
USA. Good confidence builder before getting to S Africa.
DUECE!!!!!!!!!!!! Such strength and determination. I love it.
Huge goal. what a run by Donovan
You go Davies! We're praying for ya.
Excellent prep for what will probably be a tough group draw in S Africa. Agree with PetedeLA - we DEFINITELY need to play against a sub-Saharan African team. Recommend Ivory Coast as they will probably be 2010's dark horse
Messi is playing like a god. This is unbelievable.
Where is Pontius!??!?!?
Unbelievable game. Unsure why Beasley had been given another chance, but he showed that he doesn't have the ability to play at this level any longer. Dempsey needs to be made to fight for his spot. I was blaming his previous performances on fatigue after the long European season, but he clearly cares less about team success than personal flamboyance. His attitude is terrible right now. Bench him, rest him up and make him play for his spot. Klejstan hasn't been performing in MLS - why is he being offered the chance on a higher stage at a higher level? Normally I haven't questioned many of Bradley's choices, but when you gamble on two out-of-form players and it directly costs you games, on what is now more than one occasion, we need to have answers. We can't really play much worse than this; I think we may have to consider getting some fresh coaching blood in there.
My couch at home, 106" HD with surround sound.