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Whoops; very interested in following your links to Lulu and your site, and then I read the Ovaltine bit, and I spent 10 minutes Googling and Wiki-surfing childhood treats. Darned A.D.D.
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Thank you, Wil. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
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New to me as well. Hilarious; thanks so much for the fun, "throwaway" post, Wil.
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Thanks JonS253 for mentioning Dyscalculia. I just nodded through most of what Wil posted because it sounded so familiar to me. In High School, my freshmen class took standardized tests that told us how we ranked individually compared to all the other High School freshmen in the state. in Reading/Comprehension I was in the top 10 percentile in the state, in Math, I was in the bottom 90. I require a lot of personalized attention when I'm learning anything math related, and unfortunately no matter how hard I try (and I tried very hard in school) even if I learned stuff to the point of being able to explain it to someone else, it would soon disappear like I had never learned it. Point is, some brains aren't designed to grasp math easily, and some have no trouble at all.
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My greatest regret is that I can experience this clip for the first time only once. Oh, if only I had *known it would be so amazing, I could have saved watching it for a special occasion; like my birthday, or during the birth of my next child. *Wil Wheaton, I will trust your opinion of awesome things in the future.
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Nov 30, 2009