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Another complication with encrypting everything is images - if users can post images (like they can in questions and answers on StackExchange sites) then you run into browsers informing people that some elements on the page haven't been transmitted securely. Fixing this is possible, but it means that you can just turn on HTTPS and be done. Here's a post from GitHub: Sidejack Prevention Phase 3: SSL Proxied Assets
Having members who want to participate in discussions about the site itself is amazing and rewarding. I agree with the items on this list but I'd include a 6th that goes something like this: Your meta users are (likely) mostly "power users". Don't focus on the meta discussion so much that you forget about the community members that you aren't hearing from.
I've always been a huge fan of HAML and I've also been using SASS because I really like the nesting (easier to read, less repetition, more pressure to write "good" CSS) I had an "aha!" moment recently when I read about how Geoffrey at Peepcode uses the other SASS features. It's not just about variables for colors and arithmetic.
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Dec 8, 2009