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Dawn Casey-Rowe
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This is not excessively humanistic--it it good business practice. Good practices revolve not only around service of the customer, but service toward the employees we manage, recognizing they are indeed one category of customer. Too often companies proclaim the gospel of numbers and do not promote the welfare of people--both inside and outside the organization. When we see an organization doing both, we are compelled to notice and to give them business. Our nation's numbers-based society has been very quick to produce a generation of transient employees. It is not uncommon for employees to have several careers and jump ship to the next best organization very quickly. Building corporate stability, a quality workplace, and lifetime careers for workers is not radical--it's the reinvigoration of the American dream. It will, in turn, produce stable organizations and bring in jobs. There is no reason in the world going to work has to be drudgery--organizations that think outside the box produce intensely loyal employees that do nothing but increase the company's bottom line while providing a service society needs. Psychological income goes a long way. Kudos to Stephen and Dennis!
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Apr 16, 2011