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Hello, I'm a regular of yours- 24 and single in Washington state. :) I generally feel that I fit in with most of your examples or quips. As for other Sara- I definitely feel. I have RA, Fibro & recently diagnosed with Narcolepsy on top of it all. The last 3 days have been horrible- my body barely allowing me to be awake long enough to eat or be the tiniest bit social. Anyhow, just wanted to show my sympathies and that there are many of us who understand. I'm on long term disability- at first it was because of RA, now it is because of Narcolepsy... if I can't find something that will keep me awake, I'm scared to death I'll be applying for SSDI at the ripe age of 25. It will only give me enough to cover my mortgage payment.. how will I pay everything else- including the high price of all 10 meds I take daily? Ugh. It does help to speak about it but it also seems to bring them alive. Thank you
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May 9, 2011