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Hi everyone, I got a letter like the one describe it from the guy who built this page and the first catch was this are legal but when I inspected more the seal are not even a legal seal like that in all the american history, and yes! the letter has a legal look a like but people please I have to tell you something my grandfather told me when I was a kid "READ EVERYTHING" and that was I did, I read it and almost at the ending of the letter said "THIS PRODUCT OR SERVICE HAS NOT BEEN APPROVED OR ENDORSED BY ANY GOVERNMENT AGENCY" so, what means this are not a legal document and if you my friend reading this ad you send your money already its time you call your bank and stop this transaction right away. Are you send a money order? bad news, you just lost your money forever because you never read. I'm sorry, I do not like to be rude but you have to read all the time every single document from the beginning to the ending. For those who can stop the check remember this guys has to send you a letter inquiring for money just replay with a simple explanation letter; " Your company letter with your service offer surprise our account department with your government look a like, reason we send you a check considering you was an official government request. (Your company Name) are not interested in any of your services or offers, we are against of any kind of look a like scam an we already fill our complaint with the Office of the Attorney General of (your state) related with the government look a like of your business. Proceed in the best way you consider; our attorney office has to take the correct actions." Be wise, be alert, open your eyes and read everything. Lacy people has to pay the price.
Toggle Commented Dec 29, 2009 on Corporation Compliance Recorder scam at HinesSight
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Dec 29, 2009