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What progress exactly is he talking about? What a dunce. I'm sorry he didn't run because his campaign would surely have been hilariously insane.
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Mo Better, it's good to know you're acknowledging your racism. I'm white, and I don't think I've ever been "puzzled" by this behavior when you have those "intelligent and rational" white Republicans in power in Congress not doing much to help poor communities, which in number are mostly white but as percentages of ethnic/racial groups are predominately black/Hispanic/Native American/etc. Tell me what they've done except talk about personal responsibility (thanks for nothing! How's that going to get food on the table again?). To be fair, Obama hasn't outwardly been very effective in helping or speaking out for these communities, which is indefensible. With Washington the way it is, though, if he had he would have been excoriated. I'm glad there are representatives that are at least talking about how much poor communities have been hurt by the recession, though they should probably be talking about poor people as a whole (including white people) rather than just minority communities. I see it more as a economic class issue than a racial/ethnic struggle. And the Tea Party is full of ideological idiots who don't care how destructive and biased their policies are. Morons.
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Poll results indicate Floridians have opinions about things they don't understand.
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Posted Nov 25, 2009 at foolishbeat's blog
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Nov 25, 2009