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Catherine Fore
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HERE WE GO AGAIN - arrogant - oh so arrogant liberals deciding who the GOOD HISPANIC AND GOOD BLACKS ARE and ramming it down our throats........ ROFL - old days you fools - black is black and hispanic is demean the entire races with your leftwingnut socialist labels -- look around at the destruction you guys caused because out of all the intelligent black men in the nation - you picked the most 'ignorant Obama' - yes liberals not noticing your guy is ignorant because he is black is AS RACIST AS ONLY HATING HIM BECAUSE HE IS BLACK ----- we aren't racists - WE ARE BEING DESTROYED BY YOUR SOCIALIST - ...........while he spent 14 MILLION DOLLARS VACATIONING JUST THIS YEAR!!!!! now he will come back with some more beatdowns for OTHER RICH AMERICANS - WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF LIVING IN THIS HORRIBLE OBAMANATION........ where the rich go to Hawaii on our dime (Pelosi was there too) and 400,000 poor lose their jobs EVERY SINGLE WEEK THE IGNORANT OBAMA HAS BEEN IN OFFICE................. you haters WILL NOT WIN ANOTHER ELECTION ON PURE HATRED LIKE YOU DID WITH BUSH (we remember you carrying your 'kill Bush' signs for one war and 5.2% unemployment) - YOUR FREAK HAS ONLY A BIG FAT RECORD OF FAILURE ACROSSTHE BOARD AND WE ARE SENDING HIM BACK TO CHICAGO WHERE HE BELONGS.........HE CAN PAY FOR MOOOCHELLE'S JEWELRY AND VACATIONS ON HIS ONE DIME
1 reply
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Jan 3, 2012