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Much much good luck!
I recently left a job where the atomosphere was becoming more and more toxic. People were quitting, I was getting an ulcer, having anxiety attacks. Some folks were kind and amazing and others would stab you in the back or hold grudges for YEARS. So I took the plunge and left. And I’m glad I did because I’m less ill and sad than I was. But now, I’m seeing just how toxic the new environment is and how the job I was hired for isn’t the job I’m doing or may even get to do. I’m hanging in for awhile to see if it works itself out, but I’m seriously thinking it might be time to go back to corporate or even go out on my own. I wish you luck and hope it doesn’t go south on you. You are one of the ones that helped convince me that my (and my family's ) happiness was worth it. And as rough as this is, I'm doing a lot better mentally. Please allow me to return the favor. You deserve happiness!
Oreos, especially the Halloween oreos are dangerous. If they are in the house they will be eaten with great abandon. So we just don't. At least after Halloween. Ok, it's all oreos. At one point I had my sugar intake down to one ghiradelli 72% a night. I must get back to that place.
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Dec 16, 2011