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David W Caulkett
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Bravo to Mitt Romney for standing up for AMERICAN students. Shame on the Tampa Bay Times and Miami Herald for their usual racial/cultural/Democratic/liberal pandering to ethnic groups. THE MAIN ARGUMENT FOR THE DREAM ACT IS THAT CHILDREN SHOULD NOT BE PUNISHED FOR THE MISDEEDS OF THEIR PARENTS. HOWEVER, THE DREAM ACT PUNISHES THE CHILDREN OF CITIZENS AND LEGAL PERMANENT RESIDENTS BY DEPRIVING CITIZENS AND IMMIGRANTS THEIR DREAM OF COLLEGE!!!! The DREAM Act provides no funding for more college slots so a better name is the 'DREAM STEALING AMNESTY' Act because it is steals the college dreams from citizen students and gives those limited college slots to illegal alien students. The 'DREAM' Act is a massive AMNESTY for up to 2.1 million illegal aliens who in turn could petition to bring in millions more. The bill has no GPA requirements and would provide AMNESTY for illegal aliens up to 35 years old. Citizens, do you smell lies and massive fraud yet? SAVE COLLEGE FOR CITIZENS AND LEGAL PERMANENT RESIDENTS (I.E. IMMIGRANTS) AND NO COLLEGE SUBSIDIES FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!!! For the accurate story, see David Caulkett, VP, Floridians for Immigration Enforcement
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Jan 6, 2012