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Moldy Caves
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I'm still devastated! Even back in the late 70's before we stepped out of the phone booth we played better defense than we are currently. Shameful
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I read the opening salvo that seemed to be pretty much anti Al Golden. Difficult to believe that I read something like that here. Anyway, I'm gonna stay 100% behind Al Golden. The one thing that keeps me solidly allied to him is that every recruiting class that he has participated in we have had the Shapiro Shalalagate hanging over our heads and many a coach has used that to their advantage by negative recruiting. No where has it hurt us more than on the defensive line and defense as a whole. There are some things Golden may be culpable for IMO - electing to play a hurt Morris when Ryan Williams had already proven he was capable of starting. Maybe he thought he was helping Morris but just the opposite happened as Morris' stock fell off markedly. The 2014 class is still hurt by the shapiroShalalaNCAA monster and still doesn't have enough good Defensive Linemen. Patience Canes Fans!This isn't the early 80's any more.
Toggle Commented Nov 17, 2013 on Game Day: UM vs Duke at Canespace
I was impressed with GT's QB also. I do not like Frank Beamer or his teams although I am impressed with his DC, Bud Foster. The GT coach, Paul Johnson needs his distemper shots and soon. What a jerk! I didn't see any VT domination there. The final score was 17 to 10 for Christs sake. Someone better back off the Jiffy Store weed! It should be a good game between VT and Miami. GO CANES!!!
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Jun 16, 2013