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Psssst, NBC go pull out all his calls into the NEN while on NW..all are in reference to 'black' males. Never caucasian or spanish, so that speaks for itself. While you're at it, he had no job after this tragedy. He had no income. Daddy claims he was paying his rent, financial aid aplenty, possibly govt food stamps. His reputation was damaged well before this. Pull out his criminal history. His mentality is frightening. Get his cousin who alleges some hinky behaviors going on. Zman would have to show he had a reputation to begin with. All this is is about greed. He's accustomed to other folk paying his way, why not NBC? This should go nowhere. Zman's reputation will show his propensity for violence and an error in editing wasn't malicious.. Good luck NBC. Get your private detectives to dig up the dirt, it appears Zman has too many skeletons in his not bow down to this frivilous claim.. all my belief by reading documents, watching the Zimmerman's on the media interviews and court proceedings.
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Dec 7, 2012