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I always carry the sadly retired Leatherman Mini-Tool: (Yes, I have "donated" at least one to the TSA when I forgot I had it on me. The last one I just gave to someone coming through security the other way rather than give it to the TSA goons.) In the pocket is a Benchmade 527: (I can deploy it, cut open a box and put it back in my pocket one handed in less than 2 seconds. AXIS lock is the only way to go.) I have always wondered why Victorinox hasn't pushed a few button cells under the plastic casing on their knives and installed a decent LED for lighting. While they are at it, a refillable butane lighter with piezo ignition on the other side would be nice too. The one thing that I DONT carry is keys, except for my car. Everything else unlocks with a code or a combo. But that Utilikey look like an interesting concept. Is it sold at any retailers?
Toggle Commented Aug 24, 2010 on What's On Your Utility Belt? at Coding Horror
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Aug 24, 2010