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Awesome - and I love your labels! Hubby (the photographer at Wootstock Minneapolis) and I started brewing a couple years ago. We had moved in to a house with a giant apple tree, we had NO idea what to do with all of them, so I woke him up early one weekend and suggested making hard apple cider. We'd never brewed ANYTHING before that. Now, his beers (all grain, from the start of the hobby!) get rave reviews, and we brew a LOT of wine together - everything BUT grape wines, LOL. I've started blogging some of our wine recipes: We'll eventually add his beer recipes... need to get everything fixed (tornado!) first though.
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Man, now I feel a little guilty for making fun of you for the caffeine thing at Wootstock a year ago! Hope that wasn't being a dick! The autograph thing is something I've never understood. Sorry to hear that you went through that, it really does sound awful. I just don't understand people sometimes. If they see you as being "worth" camping out for in the first place, why not be respectful of you, rather than abusive? I mean if you're going to put that kind of an effort into meeting you, why ACTIVELY work to make it a negative experience? That's just WAY more crazy than I can wrap my head around. Hope it's an isolated incident from here on!
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Man, you have a nifty set up for signing in to comment. Wonder if Wordpress has similar? I digress.. It was great to meet you! I love watching clients freak out over their cakes, and your reaction is *right* up there with my favorites of all time! Thank you so very much for not only your kind words, but pimping the shit outta my site. Very much appreciated! I'd offer to send some brownie mix, but well.. you know.. :)
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Jun 15, 2010