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I just adopted a tiny two-month old kitten from my local animal shelter,along with a large two-year old adult cat. We named the big one Heffalump and the little one Woozles!
Toggle Commented Jun 9, 2008 on Tiny Caturday yawn at Cute Overload
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এই ফিল্ম-এ কি হচ্চে? কি রকম রাজনৈতিক মিছিল? লকরা কি কি চাও?
Toggle Commented May 22, 2007 on Kolkatar michhil at UM Bangla
is the nephew your brother's son? sister's son? what is the appropriate বাংলা word? ভাগ্নে?
Toggle Commented Feb 16, 2007 on Hello, I'm Sayem Babu at UM Bangla
Will do. If you have any other pictures you'd like me to include, send them my way. I did nab the ones you've posted here.
Toggle Commented Feb 9, 2007 on Hello, I'm Sayem Babu at UM Bangla
Do you want this to be you scrapbook profile? I might have to edit it down a bit or there will be no room for pictures.
Toggle Commented Feb 9, 2007 on Hello, I'm Sayem Babu at UM Bangla
হিন্দি ক্লাস মিস করেছ? তুমি দুষ্ট ছাত্রি! আমি এই ফিল্মটা দেখতে চেলাম কিন্তু আমি খুবি অসুস্ত চিলাম। মনে হয় একদিন দেখতে পাব।
Toggle Commented Feb 2, 2007 on journal 2 at UM Bangla
Avro Keyboard has different keyboard layouts. If you use Avro Phonetic than you should get a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z আ ব চ দ এ ফ গ হ ই জ ক ল ম ন অ প ক র স ত উ ভ ও এক্স ইয় য Sometimes the program malfunctions a bit. If you close it and the program you are typing in, and re-open everything, it should work fine.
Toggle Commented Jan 28, 2007 on Question? at UM Bangla
আমি প্রফুলা রয়ের "আগুনের কাছাকাছে"। আমি প্রাফুলা রয়ের "মাঝি" পড়েছি ইংরেজিতে ও আমার ওই গ্লপটা ভাল লেগেছে। কেন বাংলায় type কর নি?
Toggle Commented Jan 28, 2007 on ভাল website at UM Bangla
I think that both line by line reading and reading the whole story are helpful for different reasons. Going line by line lets you pay more attention to new vocab and grammatical structures. It is also an easier way to read for people who are not comfortable with the language. I resisted reading the whole story for basic comprehension for quite some time. I didn't trust myself to deduce meanings from context, and generally believed my vocabulary base to be too weak to get anything out of a story that way. BUT I eventually realized that it is necessary to take the plunge, go head first into a story, with limited or no use of the dictionary. Lately I've been trying to read ridiculously obtuse academic Bengali. Reading it entirely without the dictionary was impossible. However, often I would come across a word that I could guess at from context (mostly because the author was writing about a subject I am familiar with)or because I could tell that it was related to a word I already new. Even then it took all my willpower not to second guess myself and look the word up in the dictionary. After all, my inference could be wrong. But if I look up every word in the dictionary it takes hours to read a page. I'm still not fond of reading quickly for general comprehension. It is uncomfortable and a little unsettling. But I think that if I am ever going to be able to read Bengali in any useful way (i.e. not taking a week to read two pages of text) I need to practice it. And then go back through line by line, if not the whole text, then at least the more confusing bits with Mandiradi so she can correct my numerous mistakes.
Toggle Commented Jan 17, 2007 on আমার জার্নাল at UM Bangla
you don't actually have to set it to Bengali. Setting it to Unicode UTF-8 should make it work.
Toggle Commented Jan 11, 2007 on Bengali font at UM Bangla
I believe it was Anya who posted the software.
Toggle Commented Jan 10, 2007 on i'm a badboy at UM Bangla
জামিনি মানে কি?
Toggle Commented Dec 30, 2006 on One of my most favourite songs at UM Bangla