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Great Post :D Thought you might like my machinima film, The Lammas Wickerman Bright Blessings Elf /|\
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Inspirational piece of music, i have made a machinima video to portray the story of this music, hope you like it... best wishes *
Really enjoyed this post many thanks for sharing it. My own thoughts on 'devils' in general culture and on mephistopheles in particluar(despite such later and compelling examples as the remarkable screwtape letters & the master and marghuerita) is that they are an autonomous canvas upon which we metaphorically project our fears. Sharing something with the tibetan view of the bardo thodol, they may be expressions of energy to which we (in good quantum physical methodology) ascribe a moral perspective. That some such forces of energy are 'chosen'(by us?!) to 'represent/embody' various perspectives may be due to their own orientation in relation to our perceptions...a vegan may consider all who eat meat to be villanous, yet he falls himself under the assesmeent of a jain who refuses to tread on an insect in passing and wears a mask to protect against breathing in microbes...for their sakes... which demonstrates that there is some case for subjectivity in these perspectives. Be that as it may, stereotypes are valuable tools in defining our morals and shared communal standards. I have made a little machinima film to discuss in a playful way, the laws of copyright, and I included in the background a dancing mephistopheles which I think you may enjoy.... with best wishes **
Toggle Commented May 30, 2010 on Mephistopheles at Pro Commerce
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The Raven King explains all re Copyright useage....
Toggle Commented May 28, 2010 on YouTube: The Big Copyright Lie at Coding Horror
& Hawkwind did one way bak in the late 1970's called Orgone Accumulator which reffed 'scientific' theories of collecting and focusing these energies..... celestial elf is still sharing them today haha
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Jan 16, 2010