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Celia A. Escalante
Miami, Florida
Dedicated to the people who love me!
Interests: driving, composing, fine dining, reading, writing, chess, psychology, philosophy, poetry, video games, watching pbs, problem-solving, science (e.g. chemistry), spanish literature, music (e.g. tango), programming/coding, tutoring, watching movies (e.g. comedies)
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Mar 24, 2012
At first, I was glad to find such a sweet quote to add to my collection. "An actor is . . . often a soul which wishes to reveal itself to the world but dare not" (Alec Guinness) Then, after wanting to reincorporate what the suspension point substitutes, I found... Continue reading
Posted Mar 24, 2012 at Celia Escalante's blog
First of all, thank you for sharing this very personal and very meaningful testimony. Well, Wil, when I was a teenager I was going through hurtful times. Years later, my relationship with my family members significantly improved. At the time, I found it so hard to forgive and understand some of them for things like chronically poking fun at me and not helping get out of school where adults were very cruel to me. I learned not to expect the idealized happy family and appreciate any portion of their time. I'm still a heartful person and thank God because I can avoid hurting others on many occasions. Hey, congrats! I heard Patrick was knighted on Wednesday. I know you weren't raised by Patrick, Gates and the TNG gang nor did you see them every waking moment, but I can relate when it comes to my neighbors. They are loving, open and care about me and I them. Like my mom always says: "El vecino es el hermano mas cercano." This saying says: One's neighbor is one's closest brother. We really are a family because we care about each other. By the way, I'm sure that regardless of what LeVar said, what he was feeling was his proadness of you for becoming an honorable man and his happiness to be alive to see you reach such a strong age; people who love us think about what will happen to us when we grow up and how well prepared will be for the brutal world. You know this since you are the world's greatest father! Love ya and Ana and your sons! -- Celita
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+HR+ Yes; I can. I'm very creative. I'm happiest when teaching Chemistry. It would not be fair to me to just study for the professional exams. Research, practice and penetrating empathy is how we master our crafts. Wil, you are a heartful man and you live in a free country; if performing gives you the strongest satisfaction make it your discipline to live the scenes. That one moment, when your expression moves the spectator, is so real that you can taste it. Take Kevin Spacey's notability: first we "saw" him in See No Evil and it was then that he grew into our memory. It probably was not the first time he was in a movie. His hard-work touched us. Wil, you touch our hearts.
Toggle Commented Mar 26, 2010 on the play's the thing at WWdN: In Exile
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+HR+ After wanting to come up with something in order to help Human Rights reach those in need, I finally came up with something. I knew that the best way to express to people of the world is through the Internet, and the value and convience that comes from the... Continue reading
Posted Mar 12, 2010 at Celia Escalante's blog
Wil, we miss you! Enjoy Seattle!
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My local arcade was at Mall of the Americas in Miami and it was really cool. I learned how to play a real pinball machine thanks to a married couple of bikers. That was awesome! That arcade had the movie-type games on a huge screen that you could see from the the mall walkway. I remember playing a cowboy game there. I would usually play to win, but there were certain games that I would play over and over again: Tetris, Tetris II, Mario Brothers, Super Mario Brothers I,II and III, Pinball, Dragon's Lair, Elevator Acton, Galaga, Star Force, Goonies, Cluck-Cluck Land, Frogger, Ghoul School, Street Fighter, Mortal Kobat I & II. (This is exhausting.) As an adult, I love playing Casio Kid and all the Simpsons games. This a place I love to visit which let's you play online without downloading anything: I had an X'eye (SEGA CD + Genesis) which was the coolest thing ever! I played: The Rise of the Dragon, Who Shot Johnny Rock and Cliffhanger. There was one game that was so hard for me to progress in. Does anyone remember the name of the Sega CD game where you pilot a ship from one planet to the next and Michael Dorn does the voice acting? The NES games I always regret not finishing were: Faxanadu, Star Wars, Flying Warriors, Golgo 13: The Mafat Conspiracy and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Out of the World for SNES. The games I regret never buying are: Lost in Las Vegas (SNES) and Voyager (SEGA CD) This is really embarrassing, but I confess I haven't played Grand Theft Auto. I'm buying it tomorrow. What games do you regret not playing or winning?
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YES! YES! Yes!!! Wil, you are so good! What a writer; God! Thank you so much! I totally agree with you. I can link specific games to specific moments and places. 1) Legend of Kage - Eating a crappy BK chicken sandwich at my living room. 2) Duck Hunt, Lunar Pool & Wild Gunman - My 80-something grandfather finally played NES with me. 3) Ms. Pac Man - the first video game I played which was at Pollo Loco in L.A. 4) Maniac Mansion - my cousins telling me that the stamps and the jar of water could be placed in the microwave together and to keep trying. 5) Bugs Bunnies Birthday - my dad spending what I thought was so expensive a game at Kay Bee Toys. 6) Super Mario Brothers - my grandmother was in in the hospital and I kept dreaming that Mario was a war soldier with a machine gun like if he were Rambo. 7) Deja Vu: Ace Harding - a night with a terrible fever where kept seeing the "goods" page all night long. 8) Dick Tracy: my first individual cartridge giving to me from my mom on my 9th birthday. 9) The place: school; home economics. My classmates getting ticked-off at me because my Godfather got me a Chinese 114 games-in-one cartridge. (One of them called me a liar and told me to prove it by bringing it to school- fat chance.) You're super! I love this post! God bless you! p.s. The turtle trick, hitting three with one koopa troopa and jumping up when it bounces off a rock or green pipe. Mmmm. . .yummy!
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Hi, Wil! Pax East created an event called Radio Free Nintendo: A Live Nintendo Podcast for Grown-Ups. It sounds interesting, but more so if your going to be in it. ;) source:
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Mar 8, 2010