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Celia White
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I long to get back there. I need a few pounds of Hatch green chiles and some Chimayo. I recently watched (Netflix streaming)To Market To Market to Buy a Fat Pig which visits the Santa Fe market. I bet you will like this film! (
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This is a very concise and accurate account of what I've seen you go through. Pretty amazing that you can reflect on it with such clarity. I think what we want in a God concept is probably what we want and usually never got in our family of origin. Religion often seems to reinforce the personal fault in it all--I'm alone and they say mean things to me, I must therefore be bad, a sinner. The human hunger is probably not so different from "I want Mommy!" I also think that saying bad things to ourselves about ourselves in the world, magnifying hopelessness, can actually change our neurochemicals, thus causing a physical manifestation of just how bad we tell ourselves we are. At that point, words and thought tend not to switch the feeling off, and meds or other physical treatment are required.
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Um, no. They have gone from decent to crap in recent times. A quick search reveals that many people are having this problem, esp Macs. (What is your new computer?) What I would probably do is uninstall the sucker completely, then find the previous flash player (usually available on the site somewhere) and download that. (Here? Luck!
I think I can help with the copy and paste problem. Open the Word doc where you've typed your thing. Find the Ctrl key, bottom left of keyboard. Hold that key and the letter A down, which Selects All text in the document. Release. Then Ctrl + C (for Copy). Go to your open Typepad box. Click your mouse into the space once. Then Ctrl + V (paste). Your text should appear there. Let me know how this works. If you want to select just some of your text from Word, you select just that text with your mouse, then use the copy and paste commands as described above.
Elizabeth, what WNY nursuries do you like for hellebores?
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Apr 25, 2011