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You mean I'm not on MSNBC right now? I hope it's all-star game type stuff if I would pay up to 5,000 dollars for a ticket,and of course I'm not. You know it will be a lot of celebs grabbing those tickets.
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The damage is done,and I feel numb about what's happening. The time,and money we put into the game we love means nothing to the owners. We our fans,and were also a customer. Good rant by the way.
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I never could understand why Wyc was a hardline owner. The way the Celtics have spent so much money in the past four seasons.
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So many reports,and their all different. Who to believe anymore until a deal is done. One day it's close,and the next they are so far apart.
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I dislike Fisher for a lot of reasons,and I hate that he's the guy in front of the media.
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Sep 15, 2011