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Alicia Chang
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Me too! Now, no lying Wil, did you stipulate that position in your contract for recording the audiobook?
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I just watched Stand By Me for the first time today. I missed it, only being a year old when it came out. Man, you're so right when you say movies like it only come along once a generation. And knowing you from your writing and knowing where everyone ends up, it makes it that much more bittersweet of an experience.
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Happy Birthday! A little bit of a new fan. I just finished listening to Just A Geek, and it was AWESOME!
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First time I've read this story. It's fantastic. Became interested in your blog sometime after you appeared as a moderator at last year's Big Bang Theory Comic Con Panel and listening to your guest appearance on the Nerdist Podcast. Oh, our teenage years...There is so much that we alternate being still embarrassed by, wishing we could forget, and being grateful for in how we can reflect on where we are currently.
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Jul 4, 2011