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Flatt is not really exciting to watch. I'm never a fan of Rachel Flatt's skating but I would say that she deserved to win that gold but in a narrow margin. I think she skated her heart out, no matter how unartistic it was. It is ridiculous how some people think Mirai is robbed. I believed though that Nagasu's PCs should have been marked a lot higher than Flatt's. However, I don't think Nagasu should be rewarded for underrotating her jumps. Last week's competition was not the first time she was dinged for URed jumps. A jump not executed properly deserved a penalty. Try watching Nagasu's performance in Cup of China and Skate Canada. Nagasu has a lot of potential but she is still green. Don't believe the hype people. She is artistic but is nothing compared to Kwan and Cohen. She will be a contender if she can fix her jumps. Until then, people should stop complaining about the system. It's not CoP's fault that the girl can't execute a jump properly. Other skaters work hard to do the jumps properly, it's only fair that Mirai doesn't get credit when she URs them.
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Feb 1, 2010