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Let’s talk statistics. One can reasonably assume that the reason for great number of downloads of Cook’s music is: 1) Because people really like him 2) Because he was the winner. People think the way. The reason David Cook won the title is: 1) Because people believe he is a talent 2) Because they felt sympathy for him because a) He has high blood pressure b) His brother has cancer c) The judges tore him apart the night before and gave the evening to Archuleta 3) Because American Idol wanted it that way. Behind the numbers – the stats -- there are variables. Let’s talk statistics: The reason Archuleta lost was more people voted for Cook . The fact that the votes were based on the merits of talent, would be inconclusive. There is no doubt that American Idol is a money making machine and manipulates votes beyond the outsiders comprehension, but that is not the creative basis of the show. Now, is it? David Cook pulled that pity ploy over and over again. We even had the tears the night before when he realized that Archuleta was getting all the praise. Personally, I voted for talent. It would be nice to think that was the same with all of the voters. You know what? I doubt it! Archuleta has the unique sound, the better instrument, and the greater potential. I do understand how many of you consider Cook talented. It’s the comfort factor. His sound is familiar. Archuleta sounds like no one else. But Cook sounds like every other Rock star, and worse than that, he is “calculated” in his copycatting. That familiar rock sound of his vocals was long ago played out in the eighties. Listen to that Amanda Obermeyer doing her Janis Joplin imitation – same thing, no originality. It is all karaoke. And, for one, don’t sell Bilie Jean as original. It just wasn’t original Michael Jackson. Do your homework. The sad fact that women are constantly complaining about being used and betrayed by men, is half their fault and rings loud and clear on these posts. Ladies, no one knows a woman like another woman, and no one knows a man like another man. Straight up, girls…Cook is a phony. The guy is putting on the humility act to get you in the sack called a record store. You just don’t get it. Like great jazz and classical, Archuleta requires listening and learning. Listen and learn.
Misinformation drives me nuts. How can one trust an opinion when facts are not straight. Here is a list of grammy awards for the Beatles. There is a list as well for the Rolling Stones. The Beatles' Grammy Awards 1964, Best New Artist--1964, Best Performance By A Vocal Group --The Beatles (George Martin, producer) , "A Hard Day's Night" 1966, Best Contemporary Pop Vocal Performance, Male--Paul McCartney, "Eleanor Rigby" 1966, Best Album Cover/Package-- The Beatles (Klaus Voorman, graphic artist), "Revolver" 1966, Song Of The Year-- The Beatles (John Lennon, Paul McCartney, composers), "Michelle" 1967, Album Of The Year-- The Beatles (George Martin, producer), "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" 1967, Best Contemporary (R&R) Album-- The Beatles (George Martin, producer), "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" 1967, Best Album Cover-- The Beatles (Peter Blake, John Haworth, art directors), "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" 1967, Best Engineered (Non-Classical) Recording--The Beatles (Geoff Emerick, engineer) , "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" 1969, Best Engineered (Non-Classical) Recording--The Beatles (Geoff Emerick, engineer), "Abbey Road" 1970, Best Original Score Written For A Motion Picture Or TV Special--The Beatles, "Let It Be" 1971, Best Arrangement Accompanying Vocalists--Paul and Linda McCartney (Paul McCartney, arranger), "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey" 1972, Album Of The Year-- George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Leon Russell, Bob Dylan and Billy Preston (George Harrison, Phil Spector, producers), "The Concert For Bangla Desh" 1973, Best Arrangement Accompanying Vocalists--Paul McCartney & Wings (George Martin, arranger), "Live and Let Die" 1974, Best Engineered Recording-- Paul McCartney & Wings (Geoff Emerick, engineer), "Band on the Run" 1975, Hall Of Fame--The Beatles 1979, Best Instrumental Recording--Wings, "Rockestra Theme" 1981, Album Of The Year--John Lennon and Yoko Ono (John Lennon, Jack Douglas, producers), "Double Fantasy" 1987, Best Performance Music Video, Long Form -- "The Prince's Trust All-Star Concert" (with Paul McCartney) 1989, Best Rock Vocal, Duo Or Group With Vocal-- Traveling Wilburys, "Traveling Wilburys Volume 1" 1989, Lifetime Achievement Award--Paul McCartney 1990, Lifetime Achievement Award-- John Lennon 1996, Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal-- The Beatles, "Free As a Bird" 1996, Best Music Video, Short Form--The Beatles, "Free As a Bird"* (Joe Pytka: Video Director. Vincent Joliet: Video Producer) 1996, Best Music Video, Long Form--The Beatles, "The Beatles Anthology" (Bob Smeaton & Geoff Wonfor: Video Directors. Neil Aspinall & Chips Chipperfield: Video Producers) 2000, Best Long Form Video--"Gimme Some Truth -- The Making of John Lennon's Imagine Album." (John Lennon Andrew Solt, video director; Yoko Ono, Andrew Solt, Leslie Tong & Greg Vines, video producers) 2003, Best Pop Instrumental Performance -- George Harrison, "Marwa Blues" 2004, Hall Of Fame--George Harrison 2004, Best Long Form Music Video -- "Concert for George" ) David Leland, video director; Ray Cooper, Olivia Harrison & Jon Kamen, video producers) 2007, Best Surround Sound Album: The Beatles, Love -- Paul Hicks, surround mix engineer; Tim Young, surround mastering engineer; George Martin & Giles Martin, surround producers (The Beatles) [Apple/Capitol Records] 2007, Best Compilation Soundtrack Album for Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media: Love (The Beatles) George Martin & Giles Martin, producers, Apple Records/Capitol Records.
I have to tell you that all of you women "aching" out there get my deepest sympathies. All this frustration and sexual tension is worse than any teenage longing for Archuleta. I suggest you sit down and have a long talk with your husbands or boyfriends. It is their fault that they don't have skimpy facial hair, pasty white skin, a potbelly, and an enormous head the size of a beach ball. Also, please stop washing their clothes for them. That will teach them. Don't they know that slobs are sexy? Drat! My hard taut body just goes all squishy at the thought of how you are all suffering.
Major typos so reposting. There have been teen idols for over a half a century. Let me get started with the likes of Frankie Avalon and Fabian, don't forget Ricky Nelson. Moving ahead there were David Cassidy and his brother Shawn then we are all the way up to the Jonas Brothers. As one poster states, it is not necessarily a sexual connection but an emotional connection. That said, Archuleta has the added appeal of a strong and excellent voice. Who buys records? Teenagers buy records. I would like Cook if he weren’t such a copycat Rocker. As another poster wrote, anyone who thinks Cook has a great voice just doesn't have the ear. It's not about arrogance --- I know music (smile). One may prefer Cook on a personal basis but lauding him with these platitudes is not doing much for his career when these empty raves reach the ears of wise critics and music industry executives who are in the know. Better constructive offerings so that Cook will grow, both with his instrument and with his public persona. Another poster makes a solid observation that on Larry King, Cook comes off as a know it all and arrogant. Daughtry and Bice and today's rockers just don't hack it trying to sound like Harvard Grad philosophy majors. Better that Cook be sounding as nasty as he looks -- it would certainly be in character, or is it that Cook's dress is, like his voice, another pretention. It's all about sincerity. Archuleta sings from the heart and soul. Problem with so many people is they buy into the lie in the face of truth staring them straight in the eye. I guarantee you, Archuleta will get the awards and the sales. When and if is the question. Cook will be another fleeting fame forgotten.