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Hong Kong
Allegedly Bright, Empirically Stupid.
Interests: the usual plus a lot lot more.
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Would anybody like to look at the women Obama bombed, droned and funded head choppers to act on over the last 8 years or are we sold on the synthetic? The left and the right deserve each other. The only party to be allied to is the truth. The rest is partisan hypocrisy.
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Did it collapse into its own footprint like Building 7?
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Our milkman used to have an iTodger muff smile on his face.
I think you'll find that Tim Malbon of Made by Many was talking about the improvisational Jazz ensemble versus classical orchestra manner of communications first. I'd also suggest that Kant was far more influential than Plato when peddling the nature of reality but that's a far more complex discussion. Brilliant post my friend. I'm breaking down the rules in the way we do advertising. If the secretary has a good idea I get her to brief the art directors. It's working too.
Nobody has sold their soul George. That was sold a long time ago. Is this a bad time to announce a client I won two weeks ago, fired the agency and want me to set one up. Lots of totty in Pattaya George.
The NSA use big data.
If Google could share with us what is socially trending rather than us finding out it would be cool.
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The most profitable advertising business model on the planet is just words that arguably could be machine translated. Google again. This taps into a theme I like to admit my confusion over which is when do words become more than just pure information? I'm really enjoying Google Chrome's auto translate feature :)
I did just after and then realised my latest Vimeo post is exactly the same theme. Interesting. Very interesting.
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Don't know if you read my post touching on the same topics as dark matter etc.
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The question for me is how does a community site appeal to people who are not your customers at present (though it helps to increase repeat business). So I took a look at PEI visitor statistics. The data for tourism to PEI is incomplete and a somewhat erratic but the focus is on performance which misses the point of how great marketing works. The last year end review was in 2006 but the link for that report is to an empty file so I took a look at 2005. It's the work of spreadsheet marketeers, which suggests the story telling skills of the Department of Tourism and Culture is subservient to use of jargon such as "bell curves" in occupancy rates in the report I looked through. It's not much to go on but the three primary markets for the accommodation sector are: Ontario at 20 per cent, Nova Scotia at 18 per cent and New Brunswick at 15 per cent. Secondary markets include the United States at 12 per cent, PEI residents at nine per cent, Quebec at nine per cent and Other Canadians at seven per cent I guess my question would be where is the easiest market to develop? The one that interests me is PEI residents. There's a lot of fun/story telling in having a tourist destination that is so good the residents are some of the best tourists. This coincidentally answers the main question I had about your community site as it's a really long term digital solution. There are lots of questions that need answering but I think it would be useful to think about 'messaging' versus 'story telling' advertising models. Facebooks ads have often blown me away with their relevance but both a TV commercial and a community site have one thing is common which is the narrative side of selling. I hope this helps as a conversation starter Robert. I vaguely even knew PEI existed before I started reading this blog but it seems like a beautiful part of the world. Maybe a clever harvesting of the #FAIL hashtag on twitter is another market. Frustrated people are open minded to suggestions of a relaxing break :)
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There's so much here that I'd be bogged down for days writing a comment that just touched on some of the strong points you make. Though I will share a comment an elderly Gentleman shared with me two nights ago. He pointed how unfeminine he found so many Caucasian women to be. I think it came from a time when women were called the gentle sex which suggests to me that feminism and being feminine are in themselves open for a lot of discussion. Great post.
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It's OK. It's completely clear. Though to be controversial. Poverty has an insatiable appetite too.
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Great post. Nothing I disagree with. Everything I wouldn't expect in a China marketing post.
Good responsible blogging. I don't care much for Blair's decision making on this issue. Though I care less for my own. However I met him in Beijing briefly and eagerness aside, there's an authenticity of manner. Prosecution for lying seems misjudged, but being wrong warrants inspection. I think it was Heraclitus who said we never stand in the same stream twice. Which means we never stand in the same stream once if we're paying attention.
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Well said. Principles cost.
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We can't save time. Only spend it. Nice post Rob.
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The next round is yours Mark ;)
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We agree on most stuff but I totally disagree with Seth on this. He's a good talker and writer but if he brought an egg timer to a meeting with me or imposed a fine I'd be inclined to nut him.
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I am mystified. Why can't people in power understand the strategy of AQ I guess it serves to keep the American people in a heightened sense of fear. Justifying more additional military expense. It's just business.
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This cheers me up.
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I was in the States last year and couldn't stomach the pharmaceutical ads (Lisa looks like she's put some weight on). But this I mostly like. It's a very honest ad. It does beg the question why say it's illegal to sell DMT in the modern world but this is OK. I can't help but feel that owning your own body is a money spinner in the US but owning your mind isn't. I've only one complaint. The lift muzak playing during the health warning is creepy. Some honest Wagnerian Tristan & Isolde Reiner would have earned full on admiration for that.
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