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Charlotte Edmonds
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Ergh, sounds nasty :( My stress dreams always involve arriving somewhere late, unprepared, and not dressed properly, and/or not knowing where to sit. They usually tailor themselves to upcoming situations, for example, one of my most recent ones was turning up to windband practice late and without any usable clarinet reeds; the previous one was arriving late to teach a music lesson without my lesson plan; both of them I dashed out of bed to get there and thus was still in my nightie. That said, they're better than the ones I used to have until a couple of years ago, in which I would always be late for some event at one of my childhood schools and arrive completely naked *shudders*
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It's such a shame that some people just don't understand this. Fangirling is one thing, which although annoying and disrespectful is done out of some sort of genuine admiration, but what you experienced is just downright disgusting. I do feel to some extent that actors / other people who find themselves in the public spotlight need to be prepared to deal with fans politely, whether it be as you do, or whether it be politely declining photo and autograph requests. But unless somebody actively seeks out fame, such as reality TV 'stars'(!), I do feel that people in the public eye are just doing their job, obviously doing it well, and should be left to get on with it in peace. (That's not to say I'd turn down an opportunity to meet somebody I admire from a distance if they've agreed to it, but otherwise I'm inclined to just leave them be.) What a ramble. Anyway, I'm glad you were saved and the insane woman gave up.
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A little late, but this is the first time I've read this story. I've read the odd blog post of yours here and there since maybe about six months ago, and now I catch up with your blog on Google Reader - so I read it all, but spasmodically.
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Jul 17, 2011