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Darlene Charneco
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oh so wonderful to see! Glaucus Atlanticus- the beautiful and amazing little sea slug/ nudibranch. perfect mascot for this year of the waterdragon. and what a gorgeous honoring of it by your skilled hands. <3
Steven, I am just now (loving)reading your book 'Where Good Ideas Come From'..and cannot express how appropriate and parallel it is to all I have been trying express in my art!. I want so much for you to come by the show 'Self-Assembling MemoryPalace' that is up right now in SoHo and see for yourself if at all possible. Here is one photo detail of 'Epic Tale of an Idea' and a link to see a little more. I would love to invite you more formally but don't know how and so am just writing this here in hopes that you will see it and have a chance to pop in/and or perhaps contact me. with great respect and all the very best, Darlene Charneco
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Jan 17, 2011