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Thank you "Old Man Wheaton" for your entirely appropriate words. Speaking as an "old man" myself (I circled the sun for the 43rd time only a week or so ago) I see the attitudes of a lot of the twentysomethings worrysome. I can also speak to the experience of being one of those "dumb kids". Way back in the mists of time (ok, the eighties) I graduated from high school with no real ambition other than a desire to consume massive quantities of grain alcohol and have as much sex as the females of the species would allow me to have. I actually found high school a little too easy and accordingly, didn't take it terribly seriously. I was more into music than academics and thought I'd become a musician or somesuch. However, it turned out I wasn't as talented as I needed to be and that idea fizzled. I banged around at university for a year or two, doing poorly I might add. University isn't the easy ride high school was. So, after failing out of nearly every course I took I returned to the real world and had to find a job. I had enough of an affinity for computers to get a job selling them and eventually repairing them. It didn't pay a great deal but it was fun for a while. Count seventeen years later and I was earning little more than I did when I started. It wasn't minimum wage, but it wasn't much better than that either. I found myself unemployed to boot which was a bit of a blessing in disguise although it didn't feel like it at the time. You see, I had no degree or certification that said I knew how to do the job I had held for the last seventeen years. Combine that with being "too old" for computers and I was having a hard time finding new work. It seems IT is a little like Logan's Run; somewhere around 35 the little red light on our palm lights up. I had two choices, more low pay, dead-end work, or start over and take education seriously. I opted for the latter and returned to college to get the sciences I ignored in high school and then enrolled in Medical Lab Technology Sciences. I'm having a great time learning new things and looking forward to graduating and doubling my previous salary right out of the gate. If I'd taken my education seriously some twenty or so years ago, I'd probably be at a position to be hiring the kids who will be graduating with me. I'm just glad I'm still young enough to have learned this lesson. I just wish I could borrow the Enterprise long enough to slingshot around the sun, jump back twenty years, and smack some sense into that smug little git I used to be.
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Feb 8, 2011