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If the loss rate is accelerating (as it appears to be), there will be more of these. I'm having a bit of a "how's that supposed to work anyway?" reaction. How fast can a disintegrating glacier flow into the ocean? (Not saying it won't happen, I'm just having a hard time wrapping my had around what's possible, and what's not, and what it takes to define that limit.)
Toggle Commented Dec 15, 2012 on More from Greenland at Arctic Sea Ice
@CraigM - My brother reports that outside DC, this practice is known as "slugging", and similar rules hold. Passengers line up, drivers show up, and away they go, unless the passengers don't like the passengers. Brother says that a sprinkling of retired (and not-so-retired) military and special forces in the area works to keep things extra-civil. He currently has a job that is not aligned with any carpools or transit, so he bought a Prius, and has a horrible commute. In the Boston area, bizarrely, we have no carpool lanes, and instead at rush hour they open the breakdown lane to traffic. A straightforward calculation of the cost of the Iraq war works out to about $.70/gallon, just for that war. Add to that, that the initial motivation for bin Ladin and Al Qaeda, was our military bases in Saudi Arabia. So you can hang all that on driving, too. One way to help reduce the sorta-fixed costs of driving, would be to move to pay-at-the-pump auto insurance, for the legally required minimum insurance; I am not exactly sure what that tax would be now, for the average driver, but for me it is at least a dollar per gallon, if not more (insurance seems to be priced at a large fixed rate plus a small increment per reported mile). Health care costs are also substantial, given that cars both encourage their drivers to get ever-wider, and also impede busses (no exercise on the bus, but you often walk to and from it), and also intimidate people from using bikes (which provide a huge health benefit from exercise). @postescript, don't forget smug, and healthy. It's a trifecta of obnoxiousness we've got going.
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Is that delay day-to-day repeatable? Because if not, and if your appointment in SF is time-critical, then you have to budget the likely-worst-case time for your commute anyway. Plus, some of us have utility functions that assign high cost to looking for parking.
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Agreed on the cost, or perceived cost, arguments -- and also, who saves the money, really? Supposing I decide to exercise, say four hours per week. I get healthier, but my insurance company saves all the money, and I have to do all the sweating. Who wants that? I mean, sure, I get to live longer and enjoy better health, but what's that worth, compared to their increased profits? (Perhaps this explains the American aversion to exercise.)
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Oct 24, 2010