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I was always one of the biggest and tallest kids in class, but I never used my size to bully people. In fact, I was often bullied myself because of my docile nature. But I persevered because of good parenting. My parents brought me up in church where I learned that I should turn the other cheek. I also knew that if I got into a fight at school or bullied someone my mother would tear my tail up (then there's that famous line that wrenches every kid's heart: "We are disappointed in you"). My parents loved me and taught me to love others. I always felt a little sorry for those bullies. And at the end of the day I knew I had a loving home to escape to. I realize not every kid has the same luxury (it's sad to be able to call a loving home a "luxury"), but parents and caretakers need to make their homes into loving ones. Then children wouldn't need to escape because their wouldn't BE any bullies. I'm no expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I truly feel bullies bully people because they're not getting what they need at home: love, attention, affection, discipline, etc. The root of the bully problem is, I feel, with the bullies' parents/caretakers. It's sad that people could allow an 8-year-old child to be bullied and humiliated to the point where they felt that removal from this world was the only solution. There had to have been signs. Parents: GET INVOLVED in your children's lives! Mine stayed involved in mine and I am eternally grateful. My heart goes out to those two families. Chase Terry, 25 Greenville, North Carolina
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Mar 31, 2010