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Melissa Chatterton
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Apr 24, 2013
I think cloth produce bags are great, I've been making my own for years. Until now I have always used a strip of fun fabric on either the top or bottom with the majority of the bag being muslin. I love the stamping idea. And I'm sure people will catch on quickly:)
Toggle Commented May 13, 2011 on Cloth Produce Bags at Farmama
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I have to say that rain was indeed greatly needed and so wonderful. We got even more today here in the SLV, we're so thankful for every drop. Rain always makes for a good sewing day. Beautiful dress:)
Toggle Commented Apr 26, 2011 on Sunday Sewing at Farmama
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So beautiful! I know a little girl who'd love those horses!
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So fun! I think we will be barrowing this idea, great project!
Toggle Commented Jul 13, 2010 on .: Crochet-Inspired Painted Stones :. at GardenMama
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Oh, how I love Saugatuck. Looks like you had a lovely time :)
Toggle Commented Jul 11, 2010 on postcards at Farmama
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Oh, so much fun! Me and my little one will also being heading that way. Ah, Lake Michigan, we'll be on the north eastern shores. I can't wait to swim in the big lake! I do love the hot springs here in southern Colorado, but there's nothing like body surfing in Lake Michigan...Safe travels!
Toggle Commented Jul 8, 2010 on farewell at Farmama
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I love love love the pants!! I can't wait for my little one to outgrow some of her pants! I've made her many clothes, I guess I've just never thought to make her pants. I truly love your blog. Thank you so much for sharing! I hope you have a lovely trip!
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Jun 18, 2010