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I see Taitz, the dentist, faux-attorney, ex-real estate agent, and chicken has decided to post and run.
@Mrs. Taitz Does it make me a brain dead, vial [sic], Obama lackey to point out that the White House is exempted from the Freedom of Information Act? Ms Ruemmler works for the White House. Would you care to opine on whether Greg Hollister broke the law when he impersonated Barack Obama to obtain a copy of his draft record? I would be interested in the opinion of such a famous attorney as you.
Here is some detail on those "illegible exhibits" that were included in Orly's motion (and in another case in Louisiana on the offshore drilling moratorium in which Orly tried to intervene). They were obtained illegally by COL Greg Hollister (RET) from Colorado. Mr. Hollister himself was an unsuccessful Birther plaintiff in Hollster v Soetoro. Hollister obtained a reprint of President Obama's Selective Service record by pretending to be Obama on the Selective Service web site and changing the address to his own address in Colorado Springs. He pretended to be Obama's employer on the Social Security Verification System to obtain a copy of the record for the SS# that is believed to have been the President's at least at one time. Since the record returned a "Not issued" result it is likely that the SSA assigned the President a new number after his original was made public. This shows the extent to which these deluded haters of the President known as Birthers will stoop to attempt to discredit Obama. It is unlcear why Hollister was not prosecuted for his apparent attempt at identity theft. Hollister removed his address from the Selective Service record before giving it to Orly but left the bar code that revealed the address to which the record was mailed.
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Jul 26, 2011