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The Heat could end up with Beasley and Chicago's current point guard. Riley needs to make that happen or retire.
San Diego is THE place Jason wants to go cause it's so close to Holllllywood. And Jason is all about Holllllywood, now. Face it, he's too pretty to play football anymore. Even the year he won Defensive MVP, he took the first half of the season off. He has been having motivation problems for years, now. And all those great things he has done for the fins? I'm confused. Wasn't he PAID really really well to do those things? Anyway, if San Diego makes us any kind of offer, we should take it just to get rid of him. Does Jason know that the fins did shop him around but were only offered a fourth rounder for him? Maybe he's not as valuable as he thinks he is. He has burned his bridges. Let him go the way of Brian Bosworth, Jim Brown, Joe Namath, etc & etc.
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