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Mike the Chess Openings Guy
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Here's something handy if you have access to computers with chess programs but you're not a very good chess player (or don't have the time to play against all the kids in the club)... It allows the club members to win but it has them play against the best possible moves which is crucial to getting them to improve. It's simple and it's fun enough that kids will do it. It's described in this video...
Rybka and Stockfish and others are IMHO winning the debate of whether a "Type A" program is best. There is a discussion in the forum called "MyDBSM" which outlines a hybrid approach of solving chess openings. Using brute force to pick the first layer of candidates, analysis by these killer selective program is then used to pick the next layer of candidates. The topic that shows how Rybka is used to analyze chess opening is called MSbyDM. The "DM" in MSbyDM stands for data mining. No, I didn't make this up. :)
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Jul 24, 2010