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Esther.. it's called CAPITALISM .. profits over people. Eva is no exception to this rule.. in her case she has shown that dinero has a higher priority over conscience..
I think the movie "The Matrix" was a pretty good one.In that movie the concept of "illusion" and the "Hidden" were explored.. Sometimes it takes ominous events such as Arizona SB1070 to shatter the veil of illusion most of us live in day by day.. Most of the time we go about our daily,shopping,going to school,recreation.. etc etc.. Some of us because of our social and economic position in society feel it less so than the majority of our less fortunate brothers and sisters who in many cases feel the pressure of racism every day in many different ways.. I'm talking about HATE..hatred against brown people..hatred against Mexicans.. All my life I have learned to live with-deal with this hatred,on an intermittent basis-sometimes less so than menacing free floating anxiety and fear which many minorities feel in their gut.. NOW,is one of those times when the hideous monstrous face of white racism reveals it's snarling twisted face to us.. It's sickening and stressful to many brown people to feel the real palpability of hatred in the air.I always remember in history the Jews living under nazism how they must have felt having the "Yellow badge" forced on them as identity...special papers and documents they were required to carry to show the brown shirts..(minutemen).... Out of this evil coming out of Arizona we get intensely in touch with such realities ..penetrating the illusion of the "MATRIX"-that is being brown and living in america.. This is what it's all about..this is our testament..our lives..our meaning of existence in the USA.. is now following The Typepad Team
Apr 28, 2010