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Thank you! This is probably the best advice everr writen to someone who contemplates joining any church tradition. Very helpful and truly Spirit-inspired!
I love this article - read it numerous times. It not only describes perfectly my own journey but also the thoughts that came with it. Just as the historical revelations of the other two Persons of the Trinity and their are still bringing new insights today, so the revelation of Father is still expanding and triggering new questions. The result is - I believe - going to be a fuller experience of the Trinity. For with the revelation of the Father came also a revelation of sonship and thus a turning o of the hearts of the sons to the father's - the early father's of the church and the questions they struggled with, that is. Scriptures just takes on such a bigger meaning when we consider the nature of its inspiration in this way. Actually I am blown away by its richness when seen through the lens of Christ as you described it in this article. Now I am also really looking forward to the new book!
Wow! That was just beautiful to read...
I wish John Tauler's writings would be better known here in Germany. We live only a few minutes away from where he lived and taught, yet most Christians in our area never heard of him. Yet, he was certainly ahead of his time.
YES!!! Love's certainly about time...(the Brennan Manning quote just says it all).
Very enligthning!!! Will probably read it again and again...
Great actice! That was quite obvious to me when I first picked up the Bible about 25 years ago. Since then I've seen many Christians avoid this issue, but the Bible itself says: 'No one knows the Father but the Son...' That's actually the very essence of Christianity. Jesus is the full revelation of Who our Abba is, everything else is just simply a 'in part' revelation. A quote from George MacDonald comes to mind: "All those evil doctrines about God that work misery and madness have their origin in the brains of the wise and prudent, not in the hearts of children."
Fascinating!!! Can't believe how much my thinking in this area - or a lot of other areas - has come into agreement with much of the thought of the early church father's. I found some similarities also in the teachings of some of the catholic mystics. Thank you for keeping the conversation going!
Yeeessss! This confirms so much what I've been getting while meditating on this particular piece of Scripture - and it makes so far more sense in its overall context. Thanks so much for sharing!
Interesting! A friend just gave me a copy of Richard Bauckham's 'Jesus and the Eye-Witnesses'. Great stuff!
Great articel! I found that one argues from the Bible about universal reconciliation a lot of traditionalists say that this is not a traditional position and must therefore be rejected. When one argues from church history the accusation that one believes in the mere words of mortal men instead in the authority of Scripture is very quickly dished out. So you can never win. This is not always the case but most of the time, I found. Having read most of Pinnock's works just recently I am still amazed that he never brought up the possibility of universal restoration and seemed to be quite opposed to it in some was. But then again, I think it makes kind of sens in the light of how he viewed 'free will'. Still love his focus on the relational nature of God. Blessings, Florian
Funny that! I was just sharing the very same thing yesterday. What a confirmation...
Nothing has ever changed my own life as experiencing Father's love for me on a day to day basis. Thank you for sharing this!
Hmmm, really makes one think, doesn't it? When it is all done and said, only the Son knows the Father...
Funny that! I was just thinking along the same lines. Will chew on that for quite some time...
Powerful Thoughts! Thanks for sharing...
WOW! I just read Isiah 14 again. Can't believe I didn't see that before.
Read both books and loved them. Talbot as well as Lewis inspired me also to have a closer look at the writings of Geoge MacDonald - whom they both consider to be sort of a spiritual father. There I found a vision of God that made sense of the revelation of Father's heart which I had received about 10 years ago.I am glad that more and more people raise these questions, tackled in this book, and begin to embrace the rich inheritance of the larger Body of Christ. More Lord!
Funny! Just read the same words. So much truth to unpack. Most of us probably never thought about it that the devil has a theology - even though we all encountered and most of our lives bought into it.
I wish we would hear this more often in Church, in the western world. It seems we have come a long way from the original Gospel message.
Thanks for sharing this! I definetly need to read it, as I enjoyed 'Her Gates...' so much and am still going back to it from time to time.
It is sad how often we - especially as men - equate violence with strength. Thinking about it, what took more strenght for Jesus, to die on the cross or just call a legion of angels to get Him out of His coming suffering? He didn't sweat blood for nothing. I mean, if you want to see a real heroe, have a closer look at Christ. My son probably sees me never as stronger than when I am carrying him on my shoulders, and yet there is no brutality involved, but certainly a deep sense of trust, intimacy, and gentleness. I doubt that he would look at me with the same respect and childlike awe if he saw me punch someone's light out. We all need to know that our Dad is strong - yes, stronger than anyone else - but who can honestly relate in deep trust and with great personal respect to a violent, brutal guy, who takes pleasure in shorten other peoples lives. No, Jesus is the only Way, and the picture of true masculinity!