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Chinmay Raval
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I have a lil different story to say here. When i passed out from college with Computer science degree, i was *not at all* interested in programming. I ace every subject except programming language and i had the same feelings these guys mentioned above. When i landed up in my first job with J2EE stack and full of frameworks, I was even more frustrated then the first guy you mentioned. But as and when i started to understand the nut n bolts of the programming language, how it works, why it is like that etc...It was like removal of dust from your spectacles. I realized that programming is not something that you can digest instantly if you have no background of compiler, interpreters or how a *computer* works internally. But once you try to find out these stuff, it actually become very interesting. Yes, it is a time consuming process and thats why they say that programmers gets wiser with age. Learning different type of language helps a lot if you are really serious at programming.
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May 29, 2013