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Here is my beef, I work in IS or IT whatever you know, There are staff in different departments that do NOTHING all day but give there ideas and take credit for peoples that work very hard at the jobs they. I am a doer I get problems fixed, I read logs, search the internet to find fixes that fix my companies problems. I average 70 hours a work week, I know my systems and I take whats mine, and things that are not mine. The reason for that is because I am a doer. I know that upper management is all talkers, I get that. That is there job. What I do not understand is the free loading CO-WORKERS that I have that coast on my coat tails. Whenever there is an issue mine issue or not it is always give to me. Upper management says give to me, if it is not his problem he will figure it out and get it to the correct team. I say that is not right, I love MY job, Not everyone Else's job. The talkers outside of upper management take credit for my work. My boss "upper management" does care about who does what just that it is done. So I see that me as the doer is more likely to be "out sourced", because I work 78 hours a week fixing issues and working project and making my systems stable as I am supposed to do". Is going replaced by a co-worker or someone that talks more than I work. Once upper management discovers that the talker is not a doer it is to late, cause I am out of job. Working in IS/ IT is harder than getting the degree in that field, the politics are insane. Please let me what is the answer to my situation or if anyone else is my place. I am sure there are many.
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Apr 1, 2011