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My own story is that I stated out with a digital camera very early, later I got a film camera to get a better quality. And I got a better quality almost every picture was well thought out, perfectly composed and correctly exposed.... I hated it! I lost to much, the slight change in angle that changed the picture from good to wonderful, the tenth picture of a girl where a look in her eye just transforms her whole face. I just didn't experiment enough I didn't take a picture unless I was quite sure it would be a good one. So I ended up taking perfectly boring pictures. You don't become a good photographer by taking one picture a month, you have to practice, experiment, learn the limits and possibilities. This will be much slower with film than with digital because you can learn from you mistakes much faster. Sometimes you have to slow down and think about what you take pictures of and why, but that is a secondary step. With a digital camera I can choose to take 10 pictures a day, just by buying a smaller card. It is the same as with zoom lenses, I can challenge myself by setting them to a fixed length and locking them with a piece of tape. What I'm saying is that limiting yourself can improve your pictures but that it is not really a question about the type of camera. It is about your own choices. Saying that a film camera is better because it forces you to take less pictures is like saying that a old car is better because it can only do 50km/h and that is much safer. You can always choose to go slower than the top speed and sometimes that is a very good idea.
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Jun 6, 2011